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Environmental Conservation and Social Economic Development Association (TECSEDA) is a small development Non Governmental Organization, purely non profit, non secular and non partisan establishment with its office located in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, East Africa.  

TECSEDA was established on 29/03/2008 by 12 founder members and officially registered as NGO on 17/06/2009 under Tanzania Non Governmental Act of 2002 where it was issued with certificate of registration number 00NGO00003219.

The Association focuses at supporting various programmed activities to communities of rural and peri-urban areas of Tanzania aimed at environmental conservation, social and economic development.  

In view of the above, environmentally we support in the maintenance of the healthy ecosystems and natural environment that provides sustainable benefits for the present and future generations of both local and international community who also understand and actively care for its biodiversity and ecological integrity.

TECSEDA cooperate with other stakeholders inside and outside the country TECSEDA to building the capacity of local people in Tanzania at the grass root level and educate them on how they can participate directly in conserving the natural resources for the benefits of present and the future generation.

Coral reefs are one of the marine ecosystems that face serious threats in Moa to Buyuni shoreline-Tanga Region-in Tanzania.

Tanga region is located in the North East   of Tanzania and has inter alia, three coastal districts i.e Pangani, Muheza and Tanga municipality with 42 coastal villages with 150,000 people. It is characterized by a number of ecologically important and diverse habitats including coral reefs which face significant threats: such as (1) collection of corals and young fish (2) siltation and sedimentation (3) coral lime baking (4) dynamite fishing hence destroying fragile corals (5) Anchoring boats and trampling on corals.  

The reefs in the two locations (Moa to Buyuni) have been facing the above named threats for years. After realizing the situation and being aware of the importance of coral reefs to man and marine organisms we felt that there is a strong need of conducting a training that will involve the locals and decision makers.

We expect that, the training would enhance support for coral reefs protection among the general public especially coastal dwellers, communication of the values and actions needs to maintain healthy coral reefs ecosystems.

It would also increase the number of local communities in the collaborative fishery management areas in the two Districts and one Municipality in Tanga region by applying successful management and conservation practices to their coral reefs leading to reversed degradation and restoration of the reef health and productivity among other outcomes.

However, with our own efforts we can not reach the desired goal. TECSEDA is a small organization with limited resources and is not in a position to meet all the cost of a project like this. The support of other donors inside and outside the country is there fore very important in achieving the goal.

It must be noted that, coral reefs are among the most diverse and valuable ecosystems on earth. Coral reefs occur in over 100 countries, most of them in developing countries like Tanzania without financial resources to adequately manage these vital resources. Reefs support at least a million described species of animals and plants and its protection is very important.

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