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Your generous financial and in-kind support
for Save the Sea helps to preserve
and further the cause of many important
and necessary sea based organizations
from around the globe. Your contributions allow
us to continually seek out and support
those who are committed to protect our
environment and make a real difference
improving the oceans and the lives
of those who live in and around them. 

Save the Sea is always working towards, and
is deeply committed to preserving, rehabilitating
and protecting our oceans and their natural
environments for many generations to come.
We are a non-profit organization working
with many other organizations to help
reach out, educate and raise awareness
of the many relevant concerns surrounding
our oceans, beaches and coastlines all year long.

If you would like to help support this cause,
we accept donations through paypal or credit card:

All contributions are greatly appreciated and
truly do help us continue to protect our oceans
and save this beautiful sea of ours.

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